Honor Student Lindsey Bradford Publishes "Ashway"

SPSU sophomore and honors student, Lindsey Bradford, just published her first book, "Ashway".  We sat down with Lindsey to talk to her about the book, her SPSU experience and 

How did the book come about?  Where did you come up with the idea?

I was driving thru downtown Atlanta and looking around.  I sometimes try to imagine what the world would look like post-apocalypse - sometimes with zombies.  So I was imagining downtown Atlanta and the idea just snowballed from there.

Did you know from the beginning what the entire plot would be?

No, actually.  I knew I wanted to have characters that survived that would be unexpected.  Everyone always thinks it will be the preppers holed up with guns and supplies that survive.  Or guys like Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.  But I wanted to have ordinary people make it.  

It just unfolded as I wrote.

How did you get your book deal?

I heard Braniac Studios were looking for unpublished authors and thought I would give it a shot.  I sent my manuscript in, they tested it with readers and they offered me a deal. 

Do you have other book ideas?

I have a few irons in the fire but I've been so busy with classes that I'm not really actively working on anything right now.  Maybe I will over the summer.

Any plans for a sequel?

I'm toying with the idea of a prequel but I'm not sure yet.  Braniac has been happy with my sales and Amazon ratings and invited me to do more with them but right now, I am trying to focus on finishing this school year and taking a little time off.

To order your copy of "Ashway" by Lindsey Bradford, you can CLICK HERE to get it from Amazon.


Game Testers Needed!

Honors students, Joshua Skelton and Shannon Hames, have been working with Dr. Jeff Greene on a GPS-enabled game called "Parallel Journey".  Skelton has been writing code for the project and Hames has been writing and editing story strings for the players.

"Parallel Journey" is a GPS location-based game designed to track player locations, decisions, and interactions in order to build a dynamic narrative written specifically for that particular player. 

Each player gets a chance to pick their own in world name and genre of the type of world they will live in for the duration of play.  Players will be put into one of two groups within their class and a main goal is to convert (infect) as many of the other players that are not initially part of their class. 

As players play the game, they will be notified when other players are in the same location as they are.  They will then be presented with options on how to proceed with their interaction. Based on the day’s activities, a story will be written and sent to each player on the conclusion of the day. This story will be written to reflect the genre that the player chooses.  (Super Heroes, Post-Apocalyptic or Zombies)

Dr. Greene recruited writers in the English department to help create and edit the story strings while the computer science students worked on writing the code for the game.  

Joshua Skelton needs students with Android phones to help test it for bugs before the final version is released.  If you would like to participate, please send an email to him at jskelto2@spsu.edu.


End of Year Par-TAY

Honors End of the Year Luncheon

It's that time of year again where the Honors students gather together to eat, hang out, eat some more and give out "superlative" awards.  

This year's event will be held on Thursday, April 17, from 11:45 - 1:00 under the covered walkway outside of the D Building.

We will be serving chicken fingers and iced tea, so we could use contributions of other side items.  

If you can bring some potato chips, chips and salsa, veggies, a dessert, or anything else, that would be AWESOME!!

If you are planning to attend, please email Latosha at ljames5@spsu.edu so we can have an accurate count.  

Likewise, if you could contribute a food item, please email Ann Parker at aparker@spsu.edu.


In addition to the food, we want to recognize the winners of the superlatives.  The categories from last year are as follows:

Most Likely to Rage on a Game
Most Likely to Hibernate in Room
Most Likely to be Late
Most Likely to be a Princess
Most Social Butterfly
Mouth of the South
Most Artistic
Most Likely to Collect Cats
Most Awesome
Most Self-Nominations (Based on actual count of people nominating themselves)
Most Helpful

In addition to these, we welcome students to make up their own category and nominate the student that shoud receive the award.  As you can see, some of them are silly and we take pride in that!

Email David Ash at honors@spsu.edu with your nominations 4/15 at noon and then come prepared to eat!

SPSU Among Best in Nation

Southern Poly has another reason to be proud!

US News and World Report just published it's Best Colleges 2014 edition where it ranked SoPo number 8 in the nation for our graduate Computer Information Technology program. 

According to US News, "the Best Colleges 2014 edition includes updated rankings of the Best Undergraduate Business Programs and Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs for students seeking a specific career path, as well as rankings of the Best Value Schools for those concerned about the cost of college."

In addition, the publication has also listed "schools whose students graduated with the heaviest and lightest debt loads."

Silly College Pranks!


The semester is starting to wind down and students are getting silly!  The folks at College Humor have created a few wonderful pranks for you to try to keep the mood light.  Enjoy!